jezail \'jez-ale\ n: 1. long-barrelled matchlock or flintlock rifle commonly used by Ottoman Janissary troops, Bedouin and Afghan tribesmen. The deep curve in the butt stock was used to hook the firearm under the armpit and allowed the gun to be fired while the other hand is on the reins to control a horse or camel. For accuracy over great distance, it is typically fired from a forked rest. 2. .org n: A website and multimedia production facility located in Washington, DC with the goal of speaking truth to power by bypassing bureaucratic Federal agency management resistant to change. By applying 20 years of experience with modern communications technology, can make a long reach to regions well outside of the beltway.

We, at Jezail, have experienced the fierce opposition to change that various U.S. foreign policy components and agencies have imposed on government for 20 years. We were the Federation for American Afghan Action, patriotic American activists opposing the Soviets in Afghanistan. In addition to going into the field to experience and learn the details of the fight, we worked passionately to streamline a State Dept./CIA operation rooted in mindsets that were incompatible with victory. That was 20 years ago. We were among the first Americans to warn of the dangers of the Arab "volunteers" that became Al Qaeda in 1988. We continue to expose big agency, big budget solutions that get in their own way.

We draw on experience unlike any other organization in America. We have a vertical perspective on Afghan affairs that only activists who have been intimate with battlefields to bureaucracies can have. We were with Afghan delegations to the UN in the eighties and saw how the very same people who claimed to support the Afghan fight against the Soviets betrayed Afghan delegations seeking a place in the world community. We witnessed agency supercrats skillfully play conservatives off of liberals in pursuit of their own ambitions while ignoring and even feeding early Islamofascism. The best efforts of hard-working government servants were continually being watered down and perveted by turf battles and bureaucratic inertia. Kabul could have fallen years before it finally did were it not for CIA incompetence, Pakistani meddling and the ambitions of a few morally challenged diplomats. Thousands of Afghans died giving veracity to the anti-American propaganda foisted by Wahabi-financed Islamofascists. We saw these things very early.

In the 1980s, the Federation fought off a "risk averse" CIA leadership and successfully lobbied multiple Afghan aid packages in the congress. Since then, Federation members have been on the the front lines of Lithuania, to Bosnia to Israel as well as learning to explore outreach capabilities of the internet, multimedia and digital technology.

After Pearl Harbor, the military and foreign policy establishment cut out deadweight, tossed out dysfunctional assumptions to rebuild an army and navy to cross two oceans and hammer fascism within a few months. Are we making that kind of progress today in our battle with Islamofascism?

It is our mission to apply the lessons of the past to the struggles of the present. Now, some twenty years on, we have other "normal" lives, far from the maelstrom of war and policy making. We call ourselves "Jezail" because, even now, with grey hair weaving into our beards, our aim is true.