Kabul, Afghanistan Aug.17, 1988- My Mujahed friends smuggled me into Soviet held Kabul, stole a city bus and took me for a drive around the city. The big picture in the center is of Amanullah Khan, chief of the secret police. Apparently inspired by this stunning portrait, the bus broke down frequently by overheating. This was serviced by dipping a bucket into the open sewers by side of the road and dousing the engine. We often stopped within sight of a bus stop. At each stop, groups of Russian and DRA soldiers were usually waiting for a ride. Assuming that we were a regular Kabul municipal bus stopping at what, in Afghan reckoning, was a reasonable proximity to a designated stop, groups of soldiers would begin to amble toward us expecting to board. Usually just before they reached us, my friends would finish their maintenance, close the engine access panel and roar off in a stinking cloud to the bewilderment of our would-be passengers.



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