Mavroleon 1988- Carlos Mavroleon, aka "Kareemullah" in Peshawar. He had volunteered to Younis Khalis' Hezbi Islami faction operating between Khyber and Jalalabad. He was fluent in Pashto and was an armed combatant in Afghanistan. Driven by personal demons, he was fearless and yet had a disarming Etonian demeanor that could charm a Victorian MP. Eventually harnessing his demons, he became a video cameraman and budding producer with some considerable talent. He was instrumental in the production of a Frontline documentary, "Ambush in Mogadishu" and was about to get married. He was much maligned by other journalists envious of his knowledge, nerve and charisma. Shortly after the controversial missile strike ordered by President Clinton on Jalalabad in 1998, he went to Pakistan to try and get some video of territory he was much familiar with. He was found dead in his hotel room, allegedly of a heroin overdose. Few people who knew him believe it. But the story was given currency when Harper's published a fanciful tale called "Addicted to Danger" which took a Pakistani police report at face value.

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