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Globalist Sleeper

By David Dienstag
Published 12/4/2016

WASHINGTON —Robin Raphel is quite possibly the most dangerous globalist agent in America today. That she has been able to get this puff piece into the Wall Street Journal is indicative of just how much juice she has in the world of globalist consortiums. The former Ambassador was was the subject an esionage investigation by the FBI after a counter intelligence unit tapped into Pakistani ISI communications and heard them bragging to each other about her. The investigation recommended prosecution and was handed over to the Department of Justice where it was not acted on like so may FBI investigations during the Obama administration. It was ultimately dropped. Robin's was an early Clinton/Obama related skandal and has been largely forgotten. Former wife of a murdered US diplomat, Arnie Raphel, her career launched off soon after she was divorced from Arnie who was subsequently killed along with the dictator of Pakistan, Zia Ul Huq, in a suspicious plane crash. Was it coincidence that in this one plane crash, an American Ambassador, the dictator of Pakistan and herd of Pakistani and American military leaders were wiped out? Just previous to the assassination, American nuclear secrets had been sold to Pakistan. Just after that assassination two dozen US made Stinger missiles, an advanced and secret technology, turned up in Iranian hands. The same number of missiles disappeared from Pakistani stocks in the suspicious fire that touched off huge explosions in a central Islamabad ammo dump months prior to the assassination. Zia was known to have opposed the sale of secret American technology while a friend of Robin's and head of the Pakistani ISI at the time, General Aslam Beg, is well known to have supported it. The General was scheduled to have been on the doomed plane that Zia and Arnie Raphel died on. At the last moment, literally on the tarmac, he had a sudden change of plans just before take off and the doomed plane took off without him. The general is an ardent advocate of the key Pakistani nuclear technician, A.Q. Khan. What a bunch of coincidences!

This article carefully selects its words in relating how Robin operated. This has been an MSM pattern and practice and is a fine example of globalist information war because the facts are well established in her history. But the retelling of her history by the MSM consistently obscures or repaints her story. Robin was not only a diplomat who basically "went native" in Pakistan, she was and is a most ardent Pakistani and Taliban advocate, squiring Taliban officials around Washington during the Clinton administration. SHe was athletic in her efforts to pass them off as the best form of governance for Afghanistan while her boss, Madeline Albright, then Secretary of State, had declared the Taliban "despicable" because of their treatment of women. For a long time, this contradiction has gone apparently unnoticed. One should keep in mind that Robin did this with the full knowledge that she was actively supporting the Taliban in a civil war against the very seated government in Kabul which the United States had installed by supporting the Mujahedin movement against the Soviets and achieving victory. How does this happen? How does a relatively low level State Department bureaucrat implement a policy in direct contradiction to the stated policy of the White House, her agency boss and the clearly expressed intentions of the Congress?

There are two likely reasons why she was able to turn US policy around. One was that she is a friend of then President Bill Clinton from his Oxford days, dating a roommate of his, who subsequently committed suicide. The second reason was that she had a revolving door parallel career as a lobbyist for a firm, Cassidy and Associates, where she landed an initial 1.2 million dollar contract lobbying for the government of Pakistan as well as an oil pipeline and exploration company, UNOCAL. These two factors fit identifiable characteristics of effective players in the Clinton gang. She was an old Clinton insider and she had powerful and wealthy clients who needed favors from the White House. But Robin also lobbied for a company called UNOCAL, based in California. UNOCAL was the central concern in a consortium of businesses called CENTGAS which Robin was really working for. These firms were all trying to win a contract to build an energy pipeline from Turkmenistan, through Afghanistan to Pakistan and allegedly to India. They were trying, unsuccessfully, to lobby the regime in Kabul for the rights to build much of the pipeline in Afghanistan. However the Kabul regime had chosen another firm called Bridas to do the same thing and was not about to break their agreement. Enter the Taliban. From being a fairly obscure religious movement, they ballooned into a huge, deadly insurgent army of Islamic fanatics in the space of months. It was well known to all observers that the Pakistani ISI was behind the arming, training and field leadership down to the tactical level of the Taliban army from the beginning. This central fact was true even after American military involvement in Afghanistan and has been documented by Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer in his book "Operation Dark Heart". It is still true to this day although many elements within the Taliban have realized that they are tools of Pakistani foreign policy instead of an Islamic liberation struggle. CIA internal documents, made public through FOIA suits, show that they were well aware of Pakistani involvement in the support for the Taliban from the start. Elements of CENTGAS were very likely to have been able to supply the initial cash but the ISI is known to have provided the key leadership. It is also likely that a number of CIA people were involved in this operation which was never officially sanctioned from the Clinton White House or the Department of State or any other successive administration. In fact, aside from making her negative comments about the Taliban, Secretary Albright provided almost no leadership to the Near East Division at the State Department. In the giddy days of peace after the collapse of the Soviet Union, nobody noticed or cared and a monster was born.

America's relationship with Pakistan was always characterized by arms deals, aid and corruption. It was always allowed as a necessary component in the Cold War. When the Cold War ended, the strange relationship between America and Pakistan curiously matured and persisted through the death of some 2000 American service people and tens of thousands of Afghans. The basic reality of American logistics coming overland through Pakistan has enriched many Pakistanis. That relationship is characterized by spin and infowar which actually blossomed through the "surge" and into today with this Wall Street Journal puff piece. Here, they give Robin a platform to claim her allegedly innocent role as a Pakistani agent in the State Department. During that time, Robin has managed to perform functions well outside of American interests (but well inside of Pakistani, Saudi and consortium interests). When the government of Afghanistan in Kabul was under siege by the Taliban, Robin popped in to Kabul and demanded that they leave Kabul and hand over maps of their defenses. This directly contradicted American foreign policy and, as a policy seems to have been born within some secret inter agency effort that no one can identify. In Congressional testimony given in 1995, Robin lied openly saying that the Taliban was an "indigenous Afghan phenomenon" with no ISI support, a claim any competent South Asia hand knew was false, but oddly went unchallenged. But plenty of people knew the truth and it was an obvious legacy of the Afghan war against the Soviets. Instead, what one began to see was new narrative, blurring the distinction between the Taliban of the 1990's and the Mujahedin of the 1980's. Spin. The two organizations are, in fact, very different. The Mujahedin was a multi ethnic liberation organization with a mission to kick the Soviets out of Afghanistan. It ended victoriously. The Taliban is dominated by a single tribe, the Pashtun and seeks to self perpetuate and gain power over the national government and maintain that power with the help of the Pakistani ISI which uses them for Pakistani objectives and appetites. From the start, Robin has consistently back pedaled and spun information to the benefit of Pakistan in spite of its long history of treachery toward the United States and Afghanistan which Pakistan intends to dominate. Her career is an unbroken chain of this kind of action. She and her actions are well known to the diplomatic community who regard her behavior as tawdry excess. Now she is claiming that she is merely the best candidate to keep a door open to Pakistani leadership but she is much more than that. She is a leading player and Rosetta Stone in the perversion of the relationship between Pakistan and the US aimed at making America deliver Pakistani objectives and feed Pakistani appetites.

In 2009, when Secretary Clinton visited Pakistan, she went to a curious place, Lahore. Lahore is not the capital of Pakistan. It is a business hub however. There, Sec. Clinton met with the "business community" of Lahore. All of this was photographed by Huma Abedin and posted to the internet. There is no known record of what was said in that meeting but the entire event begs the question, were politics discussed or "business"? Robin Raphel, who had just recycled into government after another stint as a lobbyist for Pakistan, was publicly thanked by the secretary for arranging the meeting.

When the FBI first announced that they were investigating her, another investigation began to re heat in the headlines. General David Petraus was in hot water for handing over classified material to a mistress who was writing a biography of him. The affair had already gone through one turn in the MSM and had died down. But soon after the investigation into Raphel was announced, the Petraus affair re emerged into headlines. There were soon suggestions of some kind of parity between the two events. It was spin. Just as the Taliban was equated with the Mujahedin, the Petraus affair was claimed to be similar to the Raphel affair. But there really was never any parity there. The Petraus affair was about mishandling government secrets. But Raphel was being investigated for "espionage", a much more serious charge. One is about being careless; the other is about treason. The Obama White House began releasing statements making this comparison and others in which government officials were given light punishments for document "mishandling". It left many observers scratching their heads because the White House was well known to be emphatic in their hunt for leaks within the government like Assange and Snowden. Robin was well known to be supportive of the Taliban and a lot of blood had been spilled by Americans, Pakistanis, and Afghans.

But this investigation was not Robin's first rodeo. There had long been allegations of corruption on the part of American diplomats in form of diplomacy that came to be known as "checkbook diplomacy" which simply fed Pakistani corruption seeming to try and actually failing to accomplish American objectives. Billions of dollars had been awarded to various entities in Pakistan by the Agency for International Development, (AID) for projects which very rarely ever were completed successfully. By the time of the Obama administration. Robin had cycled out of the failed Iraqi occupation government under Paul Bremmer to become the senior officer for non military aid in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Virtually ALL of the Afghan projects on her watch succeeded only in spending huge sums of money with no real results and a similar picture emerged in Pakistan. When asked about this, Raphel's reply was that it was "the cost of doing business" in the region. Investigations into what happened to the money never mentioned her, as head of the entire effort. When asked at what point the cost of bribing Pakistani government officials outweighed the benefits, she had no reply. This exchange took place well after it was announced that 2000 US service people had been killed in Afghanistan.

Another example of Raphel's generosity toward Pakistan is her advocacy for the Kerry Lugar bill to give Pakistan more money and a dam project in disputed territory in northern Pakistan. Pakistan's energy needs have long been a problem but they failed to maintain the existing Tarbela dam built in the 1960's and it is now failing. A plan to build another dam, the Diamer-Basha dam, in the Hindu Kush mountains was initially studied and rejected by the World Bank because the territory is disputed by India and the region is wracked by massive earth quakes like the one that recently leveled Nepal sitting close by on the same tectonic divide. Many more earth quakes have devastated the region on both sides of the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. But Robin managed to get the project approved and the White House celebrated the opening of an initial bank account for it in early 2016. It went unnoticed because, like so many of her successful efforts to get money and "aid" for Pakistan, it was pushed through over a holiday. There are more dams being planned. There are more strategies to get American billions "invested". Other similar cash approvals have been inserted as riders in legislation that Congress needs to pass under deadline. This is probably Robin's greatest talent and she has had decades to sharpen her skills.

But Robin Raphel never stopped. The end of the Soviet war in Afghanistan didn't stop her, a skeptical Congress didn't stop her and the FBI couldn't stop her. In spite of the fact that the investigation was dropped, she did have her diplomatic status removed and her security clearances removed. With virtually no US status, she showed up in Doha at a strange meeting arranged by Pakistan. It was billed as a meeting between the government in Kabul and a Taliban delegation and hailed as "progress" for peace. Unfortunately, no one in the Taliban knew who their own delegation was and immediately put out statements denying the legitimacy of the delegation. Stung by the belated announcement of the death of their leader, Mullah Omar, they were in no mood for another game. But there, sitting next to them was none other than Robin Raphel, a phony diplomat with a phony delegation in the service of Pakistan. Well, if you can't get a gig in the US...

None of this is mentioned in this Wall Street Journal article about her. That's some juice.

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