A New President, But A New Day?

By David Dienstag
Published 11/13/2016

WASHINGTON —This American election is perhaps the most historic in our American lives. Social media overthrew the controlled corporate media we have grown up with and come to accept. Brexit cracked the door open and this American election was the flood that followed. This is David slaying Goliath. What this means for Afghans (and Balochis BTW) is a way to get the word out and effect change. Make no mistake. The Clinton machine spent vastly more on media than the Trump machine. But the HRC forces could not get traction in social media. We saw this from a fairly intimate viewpoint. Jezail has many old dear friends who are HRC loyalists. They are about to leave the scene and America's foreign policies are in deep question. This is an illustration of what we have been advocating. There is a shot to take in Washington for Afghans and Balochis. However there is a viewpoint that needs to be expressed. What we all have missed is that a lot of what has gone wrong is exactly what the victors of this election have highlighted: globalism. Globalism is the enemy of Afghanistan and always has been. If entities want to come to Afghanistan to extract resources, they need to pay Afghans to do it and not Pakistanis. The underlying problem has always been the map. Afghanistan is landlocked. When we look at the map, we notice that the shortest path to the sea is Balochistan. And we cannot help but notice the development of the port of Chabahar. The most obvious expression of profit would be one of these two paths to the sea. Chabahr nor Balochistan. That's capitalism but it's not globalism and globalism is the thing that is the impediment to doing the obvious right thing. It is the corporate conspiracies that we now know began with CENTGAS that stops the most sensible things from happening.

It is exactly that same kind of avenue that American Ambassadors, spies and civil servants have long been using to set up cozy retirement schemes for themselves for decades and exactly the thing so many of us missed. That is the Achilles heel of what is happening. We should have seen this much earlier. What is often called a golden parachute in the corporate world is deeply underestimated in its impact on foreign policy in the American global presence. For the players, it is seen as an entitlement. For the rest of us in America, it is a betrayal. But in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the arrangement went well outside the bounds of what most diplomats would regard as acceptable. In fact, it went crazy. As long ago as twenty years back, American secret weapons designs were for sale in Pakistan. Stingers and nukes were for sale. We think it came out of the embassy, the Pentagon as well as from some european sources but indictable evidence is only circumstantial. We think that the sale of nuclear secrets was the driving force behind Zia's assassination and it still casts a very dark shadow on current events. But all of that is old history now to be shared by old timers to learn who the next mysterious players are. And there will be many. Now, COAS Raheel Sharif is on his way to visit the Pentagon and there is no mention of a White House stop.

So again, we are in the role of guessing what the bastards are up to. As we look uncertainly into the future, there are two things we know to be characteristics of the next 50 years of struggle. The first is the recognition of corporate globalism. It's always been around, but it has, since the mid 1990's been much more ambitious and robust. Afghans can know this from the emergence of Taliban fanatics. America is now seeing this with anti Trump "demonstrators", all dumb as rocks and some deeply violent. They managed to fool many of us with the Occupy movement farce. Same pattern, new game. They are our punk Taliban. But unlike Afghanistan, we will beat them swiftly with data. They have no mountains to retreat to and no Pakistan and they are not remotely as tough as Pashtuns. The opposition has made a very serious mistake in employing a successful tactic from Afghanistan and employing it to America. They are not as smart as they think. However, it's game on and it's going down right now. The new Information War works to the benefit of Afghans and Balochis who have ever more in common with Americans and need to make sure that this gets highlighted to the American people through social media to make a change. The fight is on with globalism and Afghans and Balochis need to recognize this for their very survival. There has never been as good a time to get in gear as now because now we know what to call the real enemy: globalism and they are on the run.

The second characteristic of modern politic is widespread use of false flag operations. We now know that it was used in Operation Gladio but is is now a constant and we all have to be skeptical about so many things we are seeing. Certainly, we know that the Clinton foreign policy armed ISIS, while claiming to oppose it, and invited Islamic thugs to kill an American ambassador and a few other American operatives in Benghazi to silence them and eliminate witnesses. Now the Russians have weighed in with a fleet, prepared to do what we will not, eliminate Islamic looney tunes. The critical thing to understand is that American foreign policy has been hijacked to actually back ISIS for the express mission to destabilize regimes that are on key projected pipeline routes while pretending to oppose ISIS. In a sense, this is an old game. Just as they used T E Lawrence, a pedophile (!), to "lliberate" the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, the globalists are just as comfortable using ISIS monsters to open a path for energy exports from Qatar and Saudi energy sources and failing that, denying Russian and Irani energy to European markets. Like everything that they do, it's tawdry. It's bloody. It's nasty and it's massively criminal. The body count, to date, from, say 1995, is staggering.

It has long been assumed that the forces behind these crimes would reign supreme indefinitely. We think that we have a moment and a shot at bringing it all down. It will certainly expose more horrifying behavior and criminality. We need to prepare for the shocks that will certainly be uncovered. But we have a shot. Maybe one shot and no more. They may well shut down the internet and then they will cut us down, one by one. That s the simple real reality we face. Anyone living in Pakistan knows well what this means.

It has long been over due for an office to open to represent the people of Afghanistan who are joined by circumstance to the people of Balochistan to express their view and, frankly, opportunities to Washington. There has never been a better opportunity than now. If Afghan leadership doesn't get serious about this exactly now, jezail will know to abandon authority in Kabul and press for genuine change in leadership. We never accepted Ghani but we have been more than patient with Abdullah. Now that a path has been blown open in the assault on globalism that the Trump and Brexit campaigns have smashed, the exact same conspiracy as the Raphel treachery, we expect action immediately or we will know what Afghan leadership really is, a pack of stooges for the status quo. Get in gear or move on. We mean you Mr. Abdullah Abdullah. We have no time for any more puppet shows.

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