A Cold Blast - A true story with pictures from war-torn Afghanistan during the summer of 1988.

Graffiti - What the CIA and State still can't get right. The obvious.

Unfinished 9/13/01 - Written while the Twin Towers were still burning, the author vomits up the truth.

The Taliban's Successes 2000 - by Mir Aslam Beg, The General crows over the "victory over Massoud and Northern Alliance troops before the U.S. intervention. Using Al Qaeda and Taliban troops, the ISI allowed Pakistani "volunteers" to swell Taliban ranks and it still took them 10 years... But if there was ever any question in anybody's mind as to who fed and nurtured the cobra that was to become Al Qaeda, this is recommended reading.

Congressional Failure - Congress shares responsibility for the war in Iraq with Bush.

Deja Vu - A Congressional hearing so the Congress can make pretend it's doing something meaningful on opium in Afghanistan. We report.

Cool Man - Islamic Revolution from American Jail cells, Jezail leads in reporting on this subject.